Executive Coaching For The Best In You

Light Bryan & Company provides executive coaching and leadership development programs and services for individuals, groups, and teams. Our innovative whole-systems coaching approach helps people develop more of their potential by optimizing the physical, social, environmental, and human performance factors in their work lives. Ultimately this coaching orientation addresses more of the issues and circumstances that impact people’s performance than conventional coaching frameworks.

All our coaching methods and engagements are based upon building capacity, not dependency or cosmetic change. Many coaching interventions will create a temporary performance surge; however, things return to normal all too soon. In contrast, we put in place systems of support, feedback, and motivation that sustain and continue heightening gains long after we’re gone. The process is realistic and practical, and not always easy. Many clients experience it as life changing.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our work. Your choice of an executive coach is a very personal and important one. Feel free to email or call if we can answer any questions.