Change is good. The time is right.

This website is dedicated to individuals, groups, and teams who want to change for the better. It’s a desire that comes in many shapes and sizes:

  • A desire to work smarter and raise performance.
  • A yearning for better interpersonal relations and communication.
  • A search for clearer direction and a strategy for moving forward.

Seeking change is healthy

Whatever the case, wanting to change is usually a positive sign. It implicitly means people believe getting better results and creating a healthier working atmosphere are possible. It means they probably are ready for change. In other words, the time is right.

Lewin's force field analysis diagram

From desire to planned action

Our purpose at Light Bryan Consulting is to convert the desire for change into positive action. To this end, we provide and support the strategies, structures, processes, programs, tools, and conditions that make success the most likely outcome.

We hope these web pages shed light upon this art and science of supporting individual, group, and team change. Please call or email us to explore how we can help you along the way.